3+ Magi Mags Magnetic Tape Classic Series

3+ Magi Mags Magnetic Tape Classic Series


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3+ Magi Mags Magnetic Tape, our latest and amazing product. It's like a double sided tape: magnetic on one side, adhesive on the other, can use paired to attractive for glass, wooden or non-iron. Doesn't need cutting tools , just simply tear lightly to desired length, and pair 2 pieces against each other, one on the surface to be attached to and the other to the item to be posted. This item is made with special adhesive, designed to be removed without damaging. It is easy to store due to the compact roll-up deisgn. It is a very convenience accessory for office, classroom, home and shop.

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A-378 19mm x 5M

Clam shell + header card

Special Specification
19mm x 1.5M x 1mm

Clam shell + header card

A-379 19mm x 3M

Clam shell + header card

A-278 15mm x 3M

Clam shell + header card

A-578 15mm x 2.5M

Clown package + opp bag


  • Multiple color choices
  • No cutting tools needed
  • Magnetic on one side, adhesive on the other
  • Special adhesive can be removed without traces
  • Magnetic pairing can be used on glass, wood and other non-iron surfaces


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  • FOB Port: Keelung, Taiwan
  • Safety Approvals: ISO9001:2008, PAHs, RoHS, SVHC,EN71
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    • Branded Product
    • Buyer's Label Offered

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  • Sales Contact: Hans
  • Tel: 886-2-25982876
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  • E-mail: hans@furongmagnet.com