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Kai Rong is the most professional magnet manufacturer; we are committed to making sure everything we served is to an extremely high and regulated standard. The training we provide is no exception.

All of our training is firmly by 6S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Safety) and ensuring wherever possible to exceed customers’ expectations by providing world-class quality and service. Kai Rong company has always believe that quality management is a continuous improving process. Obtained by the previous procedure lessons learn to strengthen the products and services in the future. Thus, increase customer loyalty, to identify lost customers and development of new customers.


1978Announced series of new rubber magnets designed for refrigerator, for teaching purpose in shape of alphabets, and English characters as well as for parts for different ironware.
1980Announced rubber magnet products with more extensibility, flexibility and portability, such as magnetic address book (patent product of P.R.C.), magnetic gifts and special PVC-based prints strongly coupling with magnets for advertisement directly attaching to car doors(such as for the US football league, soccer league etc).
1982Announced neatly-cut rubber magnets designed to replace the traditional button, snap or VELCRO keeper functions for streamline handbooks, gift packs, and cosmetic boxes from MaxFactor, Kanebo.
1983Announced 3 dimensional plastic art magnets specially designed for Disney, Sunkist, and American Gingerbread doll.
1984Announced anisotropic rubber magnets with more magnetic power than ever to be used as functional magnet components with kitchenware, knife carriage, and air cylinder and for special induction purpose
1985Announced precision rubber magnets for high tech electronic products such as electronic fans for computers and micro-motor engines.
1986Announced series of education aided magnetic materials such as EVA, teaching cards, erasable magnetic white board
1987Announced anisotropic extrusion molding magnetic bands for intimately coupling with aluminum ornamental trimmings, widely used at sliding doors of bathrooms and window frames.
1989Announced extrusion molding magnetic bands of nameplates with different shapes for warehouse management and sale advertisement
1991Announced infinite length extensible rolled rubber magnets, welcomed by most overseas customers
1992Announced anisotropic injection molding coil magnets for motor engines, induction purposes, and sewing machines
1995Announced rubber metal sheet for bulletin purpose, welcomed by the advertising industry
1998Announced color magnetic bars made by new technology of automatic material mixing, instead of manual intervention
2000Announced ultra-thin magnetic paper, and magnetic DIY photo papers for jet printers to come out more creative photo images, greeting cards, teaching materials and play cards.
2002The patent mini-storage white board with container function for mini-stationery and small objects goes on sale.
2003Passing the ISO verification and new trend patent products such as magnetic paper stander, new magnetic boards, new magnetic picture frames and easy take magnetic bars.
2005Announced multiple patent products such as new complex magnetic raw material, new magnetic plate, and new magnetic construction material.
2006Announced two new multi-nation patent products of cutter-free magnetic tape and 3+ charming magnetic tape which won the prizes of golden award and special Korean award of INPEX at Pittsburgh in USA, and silver award and Romanian special award at international annual invention exhibition at Geneva.
2007Gold medal Award of Merit - BIS 2007 Britain's Largest Invention Expo
20082008 TAIPEI International Invention Show & Technomart

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